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Arrangements for Jamie Loveless

The viewing will be at Jones Crossing Banquet Center on Tuesday, Nov 3rd between 3:00 - 8:00
The funeral will be Wednesday, Nov 4th at 11:00am

There will also be a candlelight vigil for Jamie on Sunday, November 8th. It will be held in Nolensville, TN at the Burkitt Place subdivision where the Loveless family resides. We will be meeting on the main green at 5:00pm.
8672 Burkitt Place Dr.
Nolensville, TN 37135

Jones Family Mortuary Info
Address:  State Road 67 & Allison Rd, Mooresville IN 46185

Directions from IndianapolisTake 465 to State Road 67 (Exit 8) also known as Kentucky Avenue
Go south on 67 for 7.5 miles
Turn left or east onto Allison Road (no stop light at Allison Road)
Funeral Home 1 Block on Right

Directions from Center Grove and GreenwoodTake 37 to 144
Go west on 144 all the way to 67
Turn right or go north on 67 for about 2 miles
Turn right or east onto Allison Road (no stop light at Allison Road)
Funeral Home 1 Block on Right

Directions from Martinsville and BloomingtonGo north on State Road 67 all the way to Mooresville
At the corner of 67 and Indiana is Gray Brothers Cafeteria
From Gray Brothers Cafeteria continue north on 67 for about 2.5 miles
Turn right or east onto Allison Road (no stop light at Allison Road)
Funeral Home 1 Block on Right




We ask that you pray for Jamie Loveless. She is in a hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, fighting for her life. While on vacation with her husband Chris, and 9 month old son Gavin, she became sick with respiratory problems that developed into severe pneumonia (most likely the result of contracting the H1N1 virus a week prior) Jamie was taken to the emergency room over the weekend, where she was given a 10-15% chance of survival her first night in the hospital. She fought her way through the night and her probability of getting better increased to 50/50% chance.  However, with multiple organ failure and a ventilator breathing for her, we need to continue praying for a miracle.

Chris and Jamie live in Nashville,TN, and will be forced to stay in Florida for several weeks at best.  This means they will be unable to work, and the cost of medical bills, lodging, and meals are adding up quickly.

While the family will continue to be in much need of your prayers, we need to come together as friends as family to help meet any need of theirs that we can right now so they can continue to focus solely on Jamie and her recovery.  Please follow the link to the donation page, if you do not have a paylink account just follow the instructions on the left hand side to create an account. It is very easy and we'll update and post the total donations at the end of each day.  Also, by clicking on "Update Blog" you can leave an encouraging word for the family. Everything helps!


Tuesday October27th 7:00am- Jamie is stable after fighting incredible odds of making it through the night with her liver, kidneys and lungs failing. The dialysis seems to be working on her kidneys, but her liver is still a major issue. 

Tuesday 7:00pm- Chris says the doctors are sounding more hopeful. They cannot medically explain how she made it through Monday night. The janitors, other staff at the hospital and other patients there have come up to Chris saying they’ve heard about his wife’s situation and though they don’t know her name they know she is 27 years old so the entire hospital is praying for “Mrs. 27”. 

Tuesday 7:30pm- they are starting a feeding tube with a formula base and are giving her a blood and platelet transfusion. Her liver isn’t producing the correct substances so this should help. They are lowering her sedation meds, but she will not be conscious. They want her body to try to start working more on its own. 

Wednesday October 28th 12:14am- They have had to put Jamie back on full sedation. The night was a little rough since her body did not react well to all the changes. They are currently trying to stabilize her. The nurses are hopeful.  

Wednesday 1:00pm- Jamie's lung x-rays do not show any change. Her biggest problem is that she is fighting her ventilator and she needs to let it do its job. Her lungs are the doctors biggest concern and if they can get her lungs clear the rest of her body will begin to repair itself. She is still in very critical condition. The family would like us to focus our prayers directly on her lungs.

Wednesday 6:20 - Jamie is now stable, it took them all day to get her stable, but her vitals are back to where they need to be right now.  She's fighting really hard to live and even fighting the ventilator.  She has a lot of will to get better and all of your prayers are working. Keep going!  They need us.

Thursday October 29th 6:57am- Chris and family are meeting with new doctors right now. Family wants us to pray that these doctors "have the knowledge and compassion to make medical deisions that will drastically improve and save Jamie's life." The new meds that were suppose to start last night didn't because of lack of knowledge of the staff on the night shift, which the family is looking at as God's hand on Jamie because there is a new drug that is available as of this morning and if the one last night had been started it would have been days before the doctors would have changed anything. The family knows that last nights issue is the direct work of God. Please say a quick prayer now if you can for this new medicine that they are giving Jamie. 

Thursday October 29th 10:15am -   Jamie’s oxygen levels have dropped significantly, they are out of options right now.  Her body is in shock and will not take in anymore medication.  They have made a decision to try and transport her to the Tampa General Hospital today.  The transportation to the new hospital is a very risky move, but the St Pete Hospital can’t help her anymore.  It’s a good sign that the Tampa hospital is going to accept her because they feel like maybe they can help.  

The next couple of hours are very risky for Jamie.  She will not make it in the current state she is in, so please keep her on the top of your mind all day with prayers and positive thoughts.

Update 2:30 -  Thank you to everyone who fought so hard for Jamie…all of your prayers gave her strength to fight as long as she could. Sadly, just a short while ago, she couldn’t fight any more. Her heart stopped and Jamie passed away.

Please pray for comfort and grace for the family. They need it now more than ever.